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Brewing Education

Virginia Tech is tapping into southwest Virginia's growing craft beer industry by creating opportunities for brewery owners, managers and professionals to advance their career.

Our Business of Brewing workshop is a 5-day class designed for brewers, entrepreneurs and connoisseurs who wish to understand the essentials of opening a craft brewery. It is open annually to 15 participants and is taught by successful brewers, owners and business professionals.

We have collaborated with the University of Richmond to bring the Beer Brewer Professional Certificate program to southwest Virginia. This is the first and only non-credit professional training program in our area. It is a year-long course open to 20 participants via application process and is taught by brewer professionals and business owners.

Know the difference between an IPA and ESB? Curious about the ingredients that go into beer? Our Essentials of Craft Beer will broaden your understanding of the boom in craft brewing by exploring the ingredients, styles, processes and history of beer. It's a one-day class perfect for the craft-curious!

Picture this:  You've brewed up a batch of your BEST brew or ordered your favorite beverage at the bar. With great anticipation, you take that first sip and ... ew. Sometimes beer contains off-flavors, causing even the best to become bleh. Find out how and why off-flavors happen and what to do about them at our Beer Off-Flavor Training.

SKOL! (that's Cheers! - in Viking speak) We've partnered with Atheling Meadworks to bring you a hands-on Mead Making Workshop. You'll get to take home your very own fermenter - and the know-how to make the world's oldest alcoholic beverage.

Man made beer ... and the rest was history. Join us and our favorite beer author Lee Graves for some historic Beer Tales (tALEs - get it?!).

Sometimes it's okay to break the rules (like pairing a Belgian-Style Dubbel with pizza ... don't judge us). BUT - when it comes to Craft Beer Laws & Regulations, we get serious.

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