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We are your partner and educational resource: Our mission is to understand your organization’s goals and challenges, corporate style, fiscal demands, competitive arena, and any other factors that are unique to your organization.

Customized content: We customize our content to address the needs of your employees and the specific challenges within your company or organization. We will work with you to select the most qualified instructors who best fit your organization’s needs.

Flexible learning: Our flexible scheduling process will allow you to conduct the training when and where it is most convenient: on-site at your location or at the VT Roanoke Center situated on the 7th floor of the Roanoke Higher Education Center.

Previous partnerships: We have established a proven track record with companies and organizations in the region. The City of Roanoke, Elizabeth Arden, Wells Fargo, and New Horizons Healthcare are a few of our clients.

Cost effective: We understand your need to use budgets wisely and we will help you design a program that fits within your provisions. Funding opportunities now available!

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): CEUs from Virginia Tech can be awarded upon request.

Empower your employees with professional education.  Learn how the Virginia Tech Roanoke Center can help develop, train, and elevate your organization's talent. 

Customized Training Programs:

A Toolkit for 21st Century Leaders: 7 Module Series

  • Diversity and Inclusion 
  • Design Thinking
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Making Smart Decisions
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Language of Leadership

Multi-generational Workforce 

Project Management

Building Effective Teams

Embracing Global Diversity

Creating an Inclusive Workplace

Strategic Planning

Lean Management for Supervisors

Lean Management for Practitioners

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Prep

NFPA 70E - 2015

OSHA 10 hour for General Industry

OSHA 30 hour for General Industry

OSHA 10 hour for Construction

OSHA 30 hour for Construction


Scaffold Competent Person (manufactured frame only)

First Aid/CPR/AED

And More!

Conflict Resolution

Coaching and Mentoring Employees

Conducting Performance Evaluations

Designing a Performance Improvement Plan


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator


KAI- Kirton’s Adaption-Inventory

True Colors Personality Assessment

Our certified coaches provide you with the necessary tools to solve performance problems, improve the work of your employees, and give you a fresh perspective on problem solving.

This interactive workshop is designed to stimulate thinking on "diversity and inclusion" in the workplace and leadership implications. The workshop helps participants create a strategy to enhance intercultural competence. Participants also have an opportunity to explore specific ways to promote diversity and inclusion in their organizational settings. The workshop uses various teaching methods to fully engage participants including a case study.

4 hours

The Emerging Leaders Academy is dedicated to providing leadership training and professional development for new and rising leaders and high-potential employees across a variety of industries and focuses on preparing participants for increased leadership roles. Workshops, readings, and assessments will cover leadership basics and self-reflection, communications skills, navigating corporate cultures, strategic management and design thinking.

7 half-day sessions; optional Mentorship Program

This half-day program includes what emotional intelligence is and isn’t, how emotional intelligence drives leadership, and the composites of emotional intelligence. . A combination of assessments, training, and activities provides a powerful insight into women in leadership and tools for development.

3 hours

Technical skills alone do not meet real world work and business requirements; they have to be supplemented by management training. Most people find that their success depends as much on general management skills and understanding operational systems as on their technical expertise. To become complete professionals, participants need a firm foundation in these basic managerial skills.

This program is an introductory and foundational management course. It is designed for those who wish to equip themselves with key knowledge, skills, and competencies in various aspects of management. The course will encompass the core components of management which include:

·         Management and leadership

·         Survey of business topics (finance, accounting, HR, etc.)

·         Planning processes and project management

·         Design Thinking

·         Leading high-performing teams

·         Communication skills

·         The art of influence

Participants will gain a fundamental knowledge and skills for management in contemporary organizations. They will also develop analytical and critical thinking skills in the context of contemporary organizations.

7 full-day sessions

Participants learn ways to understand the behaviors and motivators of the five generations in the workforce and how to bridge the gap for optimum interactions and performance. This engaging workshop is ideal for teams and departments to take together to learn how to achieve shared results.

3 hours; includes handouts, training.

In this introductory course, participants learn what their own Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is and how their own preferences affect their behavior in work and life. A focus on self-awareness and communication with others is woven throughout the content of the workshop to help the participants develop their own strengths, recognize their least-preferred Type and appreciate the strengths and diversity of other Types. One-on-one optional coaching sessions can be provided to enhance the individual participant's personal and professional development.

3 hours; includes personalized assessments, handouts, training.

Our coaching programs are customized to suit the nature and needs of your organization. The programs can include a variety of approaches to learning. Peer coaching is at the heart of the learning process.

Sessions work in partnership between certified coach and coachee to provide structure, guidance and support for clients to:


·         Take a complete look at their current state, including their assumptions and perceptions about their work, themselves and others;

·         Set relevant and realistic goals for themselves, based on their own nature and needs;

·         Take relevant and realistic actions toward reaching their goals; and

·         Learn by continuing to reflect on their actions and sharing feedback with others along the way.


Coaching sessions depend largely on the needs of each individual organization; however, for more important trainings we recommend consulting our staff to develop a customized training program for your specific organizational needs.

Several coaching enrichment coaching packages available

An in-depth introduction to the project management discipline including the concepts, tools, and techniques used in the management and leadership of projects small and large alike. Key topics covered include the role of the project manager; project team selection and management; cost, schedule, and risk management; conflict and negotiations; quality in projects; and an introduction to creating and maintaining project plans throughout the project lifecycle. Includes current PMBOK textbook.

2 days

In this workshop, participants study the importance of communication and learn how their own skills can be continually refined and mastered. The meaning of dialogue is introduced and practiced to improve the participant's ability to communicate during tough conversations. Participants learn how to use active listening skills to enhance their relationships. Additional topics include the role of written, verbal, and non-verbal communication and how to persuasively present your ideas.

4 hours; includes handouts, training.

This workshop teaches the content expert how to create an interactive, informational and impactful training session. Participants learn the philosophy of adult learning and the importance of creating a participant-centered learning environment; understanding their own learning style and how it impacts training. Additional topics include reviewing the six steps for designing a successful training session, how to use powerful visual aids, and tips for improving presentation skills.

Half to a full-day

In this teambuilding course, participants from an organization learn together how their Individual MBTI types contribute to the overall accomplishments of the team. A focus on how to identify everyone's dominant function along with learning ways to leverage each team member's strengths to maximize the team's efforts is explored. Using the foundation of type, the topics of appreciative inquiry, conflict resolution and leadership are explored. One-on-one coaching sessions can also be provided to enhance the individual participant's personal and professional development

4 hours; includes handouts, MBTI assessment, and interactive training.

Life can be unpredictable, and every company needs a succession plan in case a big member of the team moves on. In this half-day training, participants will learn best practices in succession planning including, how to identify and focus on critical positions, identify competencies to inform learning and development plans and assess performance, identify succession management strategies, document and implement a succession plan, evaluate the effectiveness of succession plans, and best practices in succession planning

4 hours

Some organization seek to extend the learning gained from training and these are several options available. With Enrichments, you may add value to existing programs via a MBTI assessment, coaching, mentoring, and/or customized content delivery. We highly recommend consulting our staff to develop a customized training program for you and your organizational needs.   

Enrich any program; please contact staff for details.

If there are other areas of interest to your company that are not listed, please reach out to us to see if we can design a program specifically for you!

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